Encounter - by Counterclaim!

Hi! Hope all is well! I really enjoyed reading your email round the holidays! Just want to brag on my Big guy! (& he's still growing). Working on a lot of consistency with him. I ride him 4-5 times a week and Mikayla (Brenda's daughter) trains him for a hour every week. He's learning to keep his head collected at a trot, but is still a work in progress.(he collects beautiful at a walk and canter). He stands still for grooming (no cross ties) and at the mounting block, and always has a willing spirit to please, while in a lesson, or just bopping around. He trailers so beautifully (thanks to you), and is so very calm on the trail rides we go on. The chiropractor has adjusted him (just slightly) twice, but he is so impressed with Charlie's developing hind quarters and just kept saying, how pleased I will be with him, as time goes on. I've run into 2 different people, who knew of Charlie, and of course knew of your barn. (He's a celebrity)! This is all so awesome, but what I really love is our relationship. He still whinnies to me as I come in the barn, and he loves to put his head on my shoulder or he tilts sideways, and wants me to scratch under his jaw. & Never has been food aggressive.(even with a nice juicy apple). He is so loving. Everyone at the barn loves him too. He's very nice to other horses, & loves to "follow" any horse, either on the track or on a trail. Well, can you tell.??.. I love him so much! I can't even put into words, how much I enjoy him. Anyone who asks me about him, is sorry,..cause I keep on and on... LOL! And I really want to Thank you, & let you know, he and I are so happy, & it's only been 6 months. I keep in touch with your posts on FB, & if you are ever in our area, please stop by! I will do the same. Take Care & God Bless! Love, Barbara & Encounter (Charlie) :-)

Claim the Lead --- does! (by Counterclaim)

Just wanted to let you know how much I am loving Claim the Lead (Aimslee). She has just started under saddle and is already age 4 and 16.2 hands. She is the best horse to work with! Super talented, brave, and smart! Just took her to her first show off farm and she took 2 championships from in hand classes. I am looking forward to getting her out again soon! Will keep you updated with her success. Hopefully we will be jumping and going to horse trials by next year :)

I have attached 2 pictures. One of her with her ribbons. The other is her second ride under saddle. And she was giving me an amazing relaxed trot! She catches on so quickly!

thanks again so much!!!!

Amy Becker

Troy White, TX

Thanks for the update and your ability to deliver. All those reviews I read about you are correct - the things in your control you perform and get done, which is sure appreciated today. Anyway, I know we're just getting started with Fonda and whatever happens I know it will be done with the best of care, knowledge and skills available.

Flawless/Devon moves to Tennessee!

It was hard to sell my lovely mare, Flawless....especially when she is in foal for a full sibling to Impeccable!

However, when the Otis family arrived to see her, I knew it was the perfect home! Below is the message I got from Bethany Otis, her lovely new owner. If only I could get all my horses homes with loving owners like this one!!...I'll keep trying ;)

Bethany wrote: "Hey Patti! Devon is doing SO well :) She traveled home great and stepped off the trailer like she'd been here her whole life. I couldn't be more pleased with her sweet demeanor. She is such a pleasure to be around! The introduction with the other mares went very smooth other than a couple "funny" faces, but that was expected lol. They all seem to be getting along just fine now. She has established herself as the "queen bee" around the farm, which we also had anticipated :) We are learning new things about each other everyday, and I have loved every minute of it. She seems to be enjoying her surroundings along with the long grooming/pampering sessions (I think I may be spoiling her just a bit hehe). We went out for a easy hack on Friday and, once again, I was so pleased with her. She is just such a lovely mare. I can't thank you enough for helping me find my equine partner for life! I can tell she has been handled with love her entire life and I hope to provide the same to her here on our farm :) Thank you again for everything, and I'll be sure to keep you updated!"

Janet Wilson of Pinetop, GA's Claim to Fame Filly

This wasn't written to be a testimonial, but it sounded like one.....so I wanted to share it. Janet and Glen Wilson own Pinetop, the popular Eventing Facility in Thompson, GA. She bred her personal mare to Claim to Fame to get a lovely pinto eventing horse......which it looks like she did!!

Hi Patti, Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I don't have any current pictures of my filly, but I have attached one of her as a yearling. She is two now and is still gorgeous! She has not gone through an ugly duckling stage yet and I don't think she will. Everyone that sees her from the vets, farriers, dressage judges, etc, love her and say her conformation is superb. She is just out in the pasture being a horse right now. She is very smart, alert and inquisitive. I hope to get her broke next year, but want to be careful who I send her too. Janet Quick update on Moon Shine, my 3 year old filly by Claim to Fame. She went to the trainer, Simon Eades in Aiken, and has been under tack for about 12 weeks, and only consistently for about 8 weeks. She is incredible, and I just keep waiting for the shoe to drop, cause she hasn't put a foot wrong. She has been to 2 schooling shows and handled it like a seasoned champ. When she saw horses acting up, she just stared at them as if to say, "what's your problem," then went about her business. She got her first set of hot shod shoes, and the farrier could not believe she was only 3 and being shod for the first time. Her first time being body clipped was a piece of cake. Simon keeps saying she is so good he has to be careful not to overdo it with her. She trail rides, crosses water, ditches, bridges, rides in front or the back, and cantered around her first x-c course like a pro. Everyone says I need to breed another one just like her. She has beauty and brains all in one package, I couldn't ask for a better filly. I am really pleased as I owned her Grandmother, bred her Mother and now have the next generation, so she is really special to me. Thanks so much! Janet Wilson Pine Top Farm Thomson, GA

Counterclaim son now in Canada!!

These are some comments from the new owner of a Counterclaim yearling to the breeder, Carrie Bell.

"So after my initial shock and delight at his size I climbed into the round pen with him and he nickered and came over to meet me. You wanted to hear my initial thoughts but there were about 100, he is so lovely, such wonderful marking and there is such pretty shading in those markings, he has such a sweet eye, his coat is amazingly soft, he's got legs to die for and a trot too and he just radiates calm, loving energy. He's just fabulous in every way. I had such high hopes for him and had really built up my expectations but he met them and blew them out of the water. I think it says so much about his temperament and your handling as his breeder that he is on a new farm with horses he doesn't know after a 4.5 day journey across the country and he is so relaxed and sweet. What will he be like when he's feeling secure and comfortable? That is such a HUGE asset, especially if I want to have any hope of keeping him as a stallion!

I just love him. I think he is something really special and I look forward to watching him grow. I think he is going to be a absolute dream to work with. I can't tell you enough how happy I am with the decision to buy him. and I am eternally grateful that you made it all possible."

We're thrilled to have breeders who raise this calibur of horse from our stallions, and do such a good job of raising them.

Contratulations to Carrie, the breeder, Jenn Rae the new owner, and congratulations to Counterclaim, the stallion who sired this lovely youngster!!!

Brighton aka Chromatic

What can I say..? It was love at first sight when I saw Brighton for the first time out at Flying Colors. I had been looking and looking for a certain type of horse and coldn't seem to find exactly what I was looking for...But as soon as Brighton came trotting up to me in the field, I KNEW he was the one! I guess you could say that I had that "aha" moment. We purchased him as a two year old and he is five going on six. He is a lovely mover and shows awesome potential over fences. He won a blue ribons his first time out over fences in the Baby Green division of our local shows. I am so proud of Brighton and love working with him. He's the one that always keeps us laughing with his sense of humor. Thank you so much, Patti, for allowing us to share our journeys with Brighton and we love keeping you updated on his progress. I look forward to what all he has to offer and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Ashley Whidden, Georgia

P.S. We're so happy, too, that Brighton has such a loving home and we are also so appreciative how they stay in touch!!

Chronicle of the Horse Bulliten Board Comments

A thread was started on the Chronicle of the Horse Bulliten Board in 12/09 named "Best Coloured Stallions?"......these are some of the breeeders comments about Claim to Fame.........wow (unsolicited by me, but thanks everyone!!)

Kookicat (from England) says CTF "is lovely"

Monami (Suffolk, VA).aka Signature Sporthorses (and her foal is pictured here) says "We have had many colored horses but I think my favorites have been by Claim to Fame. They are extremely pretty, move great and EASY!"

TrueColours(of Ontario, Canada) wrote" I love everything about Claim to Fame and his babies are holding up the standard he has set for them". Silver Bells (Bill Rube from PA) agreed!

Grayfox(from California and also owner of Redwine) says "I like the Claim to Fames"

KRFarms (Colorado) states "I have a Claim to Fame filly that is fabulous. She is the EASIEST!!!I had to take the temps 2X a day of all my horses, and at 6 mo. old, she was the best! She's pretty much on her own, no handling except when the farrier comes and then she stands perfectly quiet and lets him do her feet...she gets a pat and carrot and back to the pasture. When I took her to her inspection she had two really "scrubby baths"..and she was perfect!

Spotsinabox (Kansas) wrote "Claim to Fame and his son, Counterclaim are the horses that really turned my head and got me interested in "looking outside the box".

Marsha (Florida) says she's a breeder who specializes in training young horses. She states "I have seen both Claim to Fame and Counterclaim and both are very good looking, well muscled horses. I have a CTF filly who is a lovely hunter mover with a good mind. We're starting her this spring....BUT our 'barn favorite' is a lovely, perfectly marked colt by Counterclaim. He is very sweet and a quick learner. He's the only 2 yr. old in the barn that I let my students handle -- he's that reliable!!"

TC,...Debbie Reed's Counterclaim colt 09

Debbie writes: "Here are a couple of newer pictures of TC. He is a huge gorgeous boy with personality to die for! He has an in your face, pay attention to me, personality.. yet he is not pushy and does not bite and has never even attempted to kick. If you ever need a reference for anyone up here (NY) give them my number. I'd be happy to show them what beautiful babies Counte4rclaim is producing (with a little help from a special TB mare!)

Debbie Reed, Findaway Farm, East Berne, NY

Claim the Lead / Amy Becker's note

"Hi Patti, Claim the Lead is dong great. Here is a photo of her. Thanks for all your help. You really have helped make this a gret first experience for me.

Amy Becker Dansville,NY

(This was Amy's first breeding experience with her Connemara Pony, Foxey. to Counterclaim. She caught on the first try and all went well........we're so happy for them!!)


I looked far and wide to find a horse that had the attributes needed to make him: gorgeous to look at, kind and gentle to work with, a great mover, and able to be competetive in the biggest A shows..........yet, have the personality and temperament to make a pleasure horse for an "over 50" amateur owner!

Exclaimation has it all! I'm sure it's a combination of the excellent care and training he got at Flying Colors Farm as well as inherited personality traits from Claim to Fame. I know he wil continue to bring credit to Flying Colors, as well as many years of pleasure to me as he matures and goes on to be a versitle horse for me in showing.........an occassional foxhunt, but most of all, he'll be my friend and Team Mate for many years to come!

Thanks Patti, for breeding him, selling him to me, and always being available to talk to me any time of the day OR NIGHT, haha! I look forward to many years of pleasure with this incredible, wonderful horse!!

Dr. Susan Funk, Bedford, VA

This photo is of Susan proudly displaying Exclaimations Reserve Chamopion Zone 3 Silver Stirrup Award Ribbon............

Dec.12/21/09 got a new update from Susan (wish all my foal owners were so faithfull)......"He went to his second only under saddle Horse Show 11/14/09 at Blue Ridge Horse Force Hunt Club Championship Show. He went in the Baby Green Division and won all three classes..was champion of his first u/s show. He got all his lead changes easily.....then did the 2'3" Hopeful Hunters and won a 1st and 2nd....and was Reserve Champion without even entering the flat class".(he was getting tired for a youngster!)...now he's headed back to Lynn Palms for the winter to work on some low level dressage! She loves him too......all this and he's only coming four!!

Make a Claim and Legacy

My husband and I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobby and Patti for many years. We have always admired thier focus in achieving beyond their goals. We were thrilled when they decided to breed pinto sport horses. We knew they would bring their tremendous energy and talent into an area of the horse industry that had been lacking "in color".

We were very fortunate to have purchased their second pinto filly as a yearling, Legacy of Colors. Legacy is an outstanding example of Oldenburg formand function...tremendous heart, athletic ability and personality! She excelled in the show ring and in the hunt field! (shown in the last photo)

We were also fortunate to obtain Claim to Fame's first foal, Make a Claim, aka Thursday. Thursday began her career by claiming multiple wins (including Best Young Horse at the Lexington Encore)as a non-TB yearling, and also got top ribbons at Devon and the International Hunter Futurity. After her "hunter breeding" career, she transitioned easily into being a wonderful, safe, first flight hunt horse for me, earning "our" colors (as a FIVE year old!!) at one of the most rugged and difficult hunts in Virginia (Rappahannock) Because of the care and attention to quality breeding practiced by Flying Colors Farm, I have been blessed with two of the most wonderful pinto sport horses anyone could ever own. Thank you, Patti

Fran Lyles, Warrenton, VA

Famous Dance

"My young daughter fell in love with colored horses and badgered me for years to breed our TB mare to a paint. I refused to breed just "for color" as paints are typically a quarter horse type which are not terribly suited for the foxhunting/eventing we do. Then I saw Claim to Fame on the cover of Sidelines Magazine, 2005 Special Stallion Edition. I read the article about his Oldenburg breeding and his jumping ability and calm nature..I then met Patti at Flying Colors Farm to meet "Cash" in person, and we now have a wonderful, beautiful, big, gentle, smart, curious nine month old colt... Famous Dance, who loves to jump!! We could not be happier!

Patti was a dream to work with, very knowledgable, very helpful for the newbies to the AIO type breeding: her follow up was equally fabulous and she spent a great deal of time and energy informing us of an upcoming RPSI inspection for our mare and new colt, as well as exactly what we should do to prepare Fame. Only problem, we just have ONE Claim to Fame colt, and now both mom and daughter want him........Sooo, we'll be breeding back again this March!!

Deborah Davidson, DD Farm, Pensacola, FL

Lyrical - one of Claim to Fame's first foals!

"I can't say enough good about Lyrical. Not only is she gorgeous, but she will do ANYTHING you want her to do! She's so sweet! She's still growing and is already 16 hands. I look forward to showing her again next summer. It's so cold here, we can only ride in the indoor arena in the winter!"

Ann Rich Cincinatti, Ohio

Note: This is a photo I had from her Hunter Breeding Days with me. She was the Silver Stirrup State Champion for the PHR....and many time Hunter Breeding Show Champions.....she may not have gotten dad's color, but she surely got his looks!!

Cover Girl.....a Claim to Fame filly!

I asked some breeders if they'd like to add to this page.....and this one is almost too wonderful! She's a darling girl and I'm so happy for her and her "Cover Girl"!!

As a young girl, I dreamed of one day breeding my mare with a warmblood paint. After months of searching, I came across a stunning pinto warmblood, Claim to Fame. Immediately, I knew this was the PERFECT match! Throughout every step of this process, Patti was there to guide me. No matter how nervous I was, she was always there for support and help. Together, we took on this project as teacher and student. (Jenny even called as her mare was foaling!!) I am beyond grateful to have found Claim to Fame and Patti. I am absolutely in love with my foal and can't wait to get her under saddle. I would have never been able to achieve this lifelong dream without Claim to Fame and Patti. Thank you, Patti, for all your help and guidance!!

Jenny Guzzi, Smithtown (Long Island), NY


I sold my personal foxhunter, Stormwatch, to Ann Root of Boca Raton, FL in 10/07. Ann was the President of the Palm Beach County H/J Assn. I recently got this wonderful statement from Ann about Stormy......

This is the kind of Holiday message I love!!!!!!!!!!!

"Stormy is well....has turned out to be the amazing hunt hose ever......She was a little spirited when I got her..but I think she didn't have enough turnout.

So, she is now up near Four Winds at a stable where she is turned out every night....and either hunts a couple of times a week or does long trailrides.

I can hunt with the field in any position, or whip all by myself...I can't imagine never hunting her. I hope she outlasts me!She is much loved! I may have to clone her unless you come up with another Stormy for me!

Merry Christmas!

Ann Root 12/21/11

(excuse the hunting photo......taken at the wrong moment, so I added another to show her lovely jumping style)

????? Boles

"What more can we say.....WOW!" We are very excited about this beautiful colt. Thank you for everything.........you will be hearing from us for a rebreed for sure!"

Sherrie Boles, Cheswick, PA

This was a note we received with this darling photo of their Counterclaim colt born July, 08!

Scout and Oliver Brown!

We were so thrilled when leading USEF Hunter Breeding Handler, Oliver Brown, chose Claim to Fame to sire a foal by his aging favorite mare, Tralee. Oliver knows Cash (CTF) well, as he stayed at his farm for a month before Oliver took him to Devon for his big win! "A good horse is a good horse, no matter what color" is what Oliver's dad used to say.....and he chose Claim to Fame, not for his color....but for his conformation and charachter. Coming from someone of Oliver's experience, we'd say that's quite a testiment!! They were also quite thrilled with the quality of the semen......reporting an 81% motility upon delivery.......and of course, Trailee took the first try!!

This is a cute photo of Oliver holding HIS OWN horse at Warrenton 08!

Claim Jumper (C.J.) Wallis!

more text to follow.......but Lori's initial reaction to one of the first Counterclaim foals born is: C.J. is now 15 hands and growing.......He is just gorgeous and has such a great personality! We just love him! Patti was VERY easy to work with .

We later heard back that CJ won his first show in hand, and this fall she started lightly riding him (pictured as a 2 year old) and loves his willing ways.

Lori Wallis, Magnolia, IL (from Oklahoma!)


"After looking at a lot of stallions, we chose Counterclaim as the sire of our first ever foal and we couldn't be happier or have gotten luckier. The baby is huge, friendly and gorgeous and Patti was so accommodating and nice throughout the whole process. It really helped everything go smoothly. We've gotten so many compliments on our girl and are seriously thinking of repeating this cross again next year!

Sandy Stokley, Hastings, FL

An Update:

Hi Patti, I have not sent an update in quite some time. As Snickerdoodles (her name now, started as a nickname and fits her so well it stuck) started her working career in earnest yesterday and is on the verge of her 3 year old birthday, I thought I would let you know how she is doing.

Not sure how all the other Counterclaim babies are working out, but this one is awesome. She is in the 16.1 - 16.2 range, built like a tank, and has great bone. Though she has always been on one side or the other of awkward while growing up, she is pretty even now and wow can she move. Lovely trot, big rolling canter and a respectable walk.

She started training yesterday in a little more on-purpose fashion and she went from lunge to driving and bridled/saddled in under two hours with hardly an issue. Not surprising, she has been that way all along. We almost sat on her... I would have myself!... but she was obviously tired and we want her to look forward to her work. She took right to voice commands, could care less if ropes were all over her, and omg she is just beautiful under tack!

I feel pretty lucky to have chosen Counterclaim as I have exactly the horse I had hoped for! Promise to get some pics to you soon though you can see some informal shots up on facebook (I think you should be able to see my page).

Thanks and hope you are having a successful foal season!